Brief Resume

Andrew Rudin
Energy management consultant
7217 Oak Avenue  Melrose Park, PA 19027-3222
Telephone 215-635-5450
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Professional Background and Qualifications
Born September 21, 1943. Married, three children, seven grandchildren. Self-employed.   Heritage – Swedish — My father’s side (Gustavson) from near Orebro and my mother’s side (Falkenstrom) from near Falkenberg.


Bachelors Degree – Clark University, 1965
Masters in the Arts of Teaching Degree – University of Vermont, 1971


Professional Experience:
1967-1979 – Design, construction, and renovation of commercial and residential buildings, with emphasis on construction techniques for energy efficiency

1979-1990 – Conducted energy management training programs for institutional building managers and energy surveyors in Vermont, New York and Pennsylvania

1982-present – Managing the overall operation of the Interfaith Coalition on Energy in Philadelphia by conducting energy surveys of more than 1,600 buildings, writing and publishing 102 newsletters and presenting over 300 energy management workshops

1983-1987 – Performed 100 energy surveys for the Non-Profit Energy Management Corporation in Philadelphia

1987-1989 – Analyzed relationship of New York City denominations and congregations to energy cost reduction for the New York Community Trust, and served as an energy management consultant to fifteen other community foundations across New York State

1988-1989 – Performed analyses of energy use in forty buildings in Phoenix for the Arizona Interfaith Coalition on Energy in 1988. Analyzed fourteen additional buildings in 1989.

1990-1994 – Analyzed of energy used by twenty Chicago congregations for Inspired Partnerships in Chicago in 1991; analyzed twenty more in 1993, fifteen more in 1994, more than forty since

9/92 – Analyzed energy used by four congregations in Houston and conducted a workshop for the Houston Interfaith Coalition on Energy

10/92 – Analyzed energy used in facilities owned by six congregations in Cleveland for the Cleveland Restoration Society, four more in 1998, six more in 2003

6/93 – Analyzed of energy used by four congregations in North Carolina and presented two workshops for the North Carolina Alternative Energy Corporation

9/94 to 1998 – Energy surveys and workshops for the Nonprofits Energy Savings Investment Project — a 5% energy retrofit loan fund in the Philadelphia area

2/97 to 4/98 – Analyzed the energy used by seventeen congregations in Boston and presented two workshops for Historic Boston Incorporated, who subsidized the retrofits

8/01 to 8/09 – Assist in managing a grant program promoting solar electric (photovoltaic systems) in and around Philadelphia for the Sustainable Development Fund in Philadelphia


Professional Service:
1980-1982 – Member of the Vermont Governor’s Commission on Energy Independence

1987-2008 – Member of the House of Worship Lighting Committee of the Illuminating Engineering Society

1990-1997 – Vice-chairman ASHRAE Standards Project Committee 100P “Energy Conservation in Existing Buildings”; rewrote draft handbook chapter on energy management in 1997

1993-2008 – Member of the YMCA of Philadelphia and Vicinity Corporate Facilities Committee

Energy-related Publications:
100+ articles in national periodicals, 13 conference papers, 2 reference manuals, 1 compendium on efficiency


Awards for energy work:
From the national EPA, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Association of Energy Engineers and US Jaycees