Complete Resume

Andrew Rudin
Energy management consultant
7217 Oak Avenue  Melrose Park,  PA  19027-3222
Telephone 215-635-5450
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Professional Background and Qualifications

Born September 21, 1943.  Married, three children, seven grandchildren.  Self-employed.   Heritage – Swedish — My father’s side (Gustavson) from near Orebro and my mother’s side (Falkenstrom) from near Falkenberg.

Bachelors Degree – Clark University, 1965
Masters in the Arts of Teaching Degree – University of Vermont, 1971

Professional Experience:
1967-79   Design, construction, and renovation of commercial and residential buildings, with emphasis on construction techniques for lower energy use

1979-80  Conducted energy management training programs for institutional building managers and energy surveyors in Vermont and New Hampshire

1980-1   Trained energy technicians in the Adirondack region of New York for employment by utilities, fuel oil dealers, and energy management contractors

1981-2   Retrofitted commercial and institutional buildings with energy conservation devices in upstate New York

1982-pres. Managing the overall operation of the Interfaith Coalition on Energy in Philadelphia by conducting energy surveys of more than 2,000 buildings, writing and publishing 109 newsletters and presenting 300+ energy management workshops

1983-87   Performed 100 energy surveys for the Non-Profit Energy Management Corporation in Philadelphia

1987-89   Analyzed relationship of New York City denominations and congregations to energy cost reduction for the New York Community Trust, and served as an energy management consultant to fifteen other community foundations across New York State

1988-89   Performed analyses of energy use in forty buildings in Phoenix for the Arizona Interfaith Coalition on Energy in 1988.  Analyzed fourteen additional buildings in 1989.

1988    Statistically analyzed the comparative effectiveness of energy management counselors and weatherization practitioners for the Maryland Division of Community Assistance

1990-94  Analyzed the patterns of energy use by twenty Chicago congregations for Inspired Partnerships in Chicago; analyzed twenty more in 1993, fifteen more in 1994; several dozen since then

9/92   Analyzed the patterns of energy use by four congregations in Houston and conducted a workshop for the Houston Interfaith Coalition on Energy

10/92 Analyzed patterns of energy use in facilities owned by six congregations in Cleveland for the Cleveland Restoration Society; analyzed six more in 2003

6/93 Analyzed the patterns of energy use by four congregations in North Carolina for the North Carolina and presented two workshops for the North Carolina Alternative Energy Corporation

9/94- 12/00  Energy surveys (about 40) , four building manager training programs and three energy workshops for the Nonprofits Energy Savings Investment Program — a 5% energy retrofit loan fund for the Philadelphia area

2/97-1998  Analyzed the energy used by 17 urban congregations for Historic Boston; presented three workshops; specified subsidized retrofits

4/2000  Analyzed energy used by four congregations in Indianapolis for the Center for Congregations, described in their newsletter in the summer of 2002

8/01- 1/09  Assist Ron Celentano with managing the Solar Photovoltaic Grant Program for The Reinvestment Fund€™s Sustainable Development Fund

11/02 – 1/09   Analyze the energy use in two dozen New Jersey congregations for GreenFaith in Trenton; conduct four workshops

12/02 – 5/03  Perform energy surveys of childcare facilities for the Energy Coordinating Agency of Philadelphia and The Reinvestment Fund. Provide follow-up work to TRF in 2004.

2/03 – 5/03    Work with the Nonprofit Energy Program funded by the William Penn Foundation through the Energy Coordinating Agency of Philadelphia to survey residential and non-residential buildings, help develop a website, conduct workshops and produce a newsletter

2005-11 Survey 23 Episcopal parishes in and around New York City for the Episcopal Diocese of New York, plus present one energy management workshop in Manhattan

2010-11 Survey 3 congregations and 1 community service organization, plus present one workshop on heating system maintenance, for the Pratt Center for Community Development in Brooklyn, NY

4-9 – 2012 Survey 13 congregations and present two workshops in the Northern Neck of Virginia for the Jessie Ball duPont Fund

Other Training Programs Conducted:
1972-73 Classes in technology, music, biology and house renovation, part-time during the school year, for the Rutland Alternative High School.

8/79  Trained elementary school teachers in Maine, who were developing a program series on energy conservation for a public television series for young children

1980-1 Conducted workshops in computerized energy survey use for large fuel oil dealerships in Washington, Boston, and Chicago for American Energy Services of Cambridge, Massachusetts

1982-3 Conducted six workshops for custodians and administrators of institutions across New York State for the New York State Energy Office

3/82   Trained young, unemployed, minority persons in an eight-week intensive program for jobs related to energy conservation in Buffalo, NY

10/83  Trained New Hampshire building operators in energy management techniques, co-sponsored by the Governor’s Energy Council, and New Hampshire Energy Management, Inc.

12/83   Trained Vermont building operators in energy management techniques, co-sponsored by the Vermont Public Service Department and Energy Solutions, Inc.

10/84  Trained Certified Energy Manager candidates at the Delaware County Community College

1/85    Conducted three-day training program on Institutional Energy Management: Advanced Skills for Energy Analysts for the Non-Profit Energy Management Corporation in Philadelphia

4/85    Workshop on reducing energy costs for local government buildings for the Maryland State Energy Office

12/86   Workshop on reducing institutional energy costs sponsored by the Delmarva Power Company

5/86, 10/86, 4/87, 5/91, 5/94, 11/99      Workshops for YMCA facility managers for the East Field Office of the YMCA of the USA

5/87    Workshops on energy management in nonprofit community service organizations for New York State community foundations

5/87    Coordinated technical workshop at the national conference on energy management for nonprofit agencies in Kansas City

2/89    Workshop on energy management for religious buildings for Boston Edison

4/89 & 11/91 Workshops on energy management for religious buildings for the New York Landmarks Conservancy

9/89 & 10/89  Three workshops for nonprofit agencies for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Energy Center

3/90    Workshop and tutorial on analyzing residential energy bills at the Affordable Comfort Conference in Philadelphia

2/91   Workshop for the Episcopal Church Building Fund at the General Theological Seminary in New York City

3/91   Workshop and tutorial on residential lighting at the Affordable Comfort Conference in Philadelphia

5/91    Workshop at the Andover Newton Theological Seminary on controlling energy costs for religious congregations for Historic Boston, Inc.

6/91    Workshop on energy management for religious congregations at Sacred Trusts IV in Chicago; also ST-V in Baltimore in 1992 and ST-VI in Salt Lake City in 1993, and at Sacred Trusts in 2002 at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC

9/91    Workshop on energy management for religious congregations in Farmington, NM

11/91   Workshop on energy management for religious congregations in Sheboygan, WI

11/91   Workshop for all New York City area YMCA’s to establish consensus on energy performance and operations and maintenance procedures

2/93    Workshop for non-profit organizations in New York City sponsored by the Non-profit Facilities Fund

12/93   Workshop on Home Building in a Context of Changing Energy Rules and Emphasis for the National Association of Home Builders Research Center, Inc.

9/96    Day-long workshop for facility managers in the Diocese of LaCross, Wisonsin

9/96    Presentation for the New York Landmarks Conservancy in Rochester, NY — repeated in Buffalo in 11/99

11/96   Training program in energy management for Methodist congregations in Eastern Ohio, repeated in 1998

11/96   Training program in energy management for Philadelphia area YMCA executive directors

1996-2000   Training programs for custodians for the Nonprofits Energy Saving Investment Program and several other Philadelphia organizations; developed the curriculum, tests for custodians, skill-trading network

2/2000     Training program for congregations in Indianapolis, IN

9/2000    Organized a two-day conference in Philadelphia on Conscientious and Economical Use of Energy by Congregations, six other speakers, compiled a 270-page manual, organized catered lunches

4/02     Participated in training congregations in a one-day program sponsored by the Main Street Program in Urbana, Ohio

2002 – pres. Provide dozens of energy surveys and several workshops to Partners for Environmental Quality in Trenton, which changed names to GreenFaith in 2004 and moved to New Brunswick

2/03    Trained facility managers for Philadelphia YMCAs

3/29/03  Energy management presentation at the Fourth Annual Statewide Preservation Conference of the Tennessee Preservation Trust, Memphis

4/9/03  Energy training for the Nonprofit Energy Program at the William Penn Foundation.

5/3/03   Presentation about energy conservation at Business in the Town Green, sponsored by Philadelphia’s Sustainable Business Network

5/5/03   Energy workshop for the Inter-religious Eco-Justice Network in Hartford, CT

6/28/03  Energy workshop for Methodist congregations in and around Chicago and Franklin Park, IL

5/04 Training Quaker meetings in care of meetinghouses, resulting in contributions to a booklet entitled Living Witnesses: The Care of Quaker Meetinghouses.€ Repeated the training with greater depth on 2/5/05.

5/05 Training programs for energy surveyors and congregations for the Meadville Community Energy Project associated with Allegheny College in Meadville, PA. Partial surveys of two churches then. Four complete surveys in February 2007.

9/18/05 Presentation about community-based solutions at the Philly Beyond Oil Conference, Friends Select School and Friends Center, Philadelphia

9/30/06 Presentation at the Community Power Conference; also an advisor for the conference. Arcadia University.

2/11/07 Workshop for congregations affiliated with Philadelphia’s Northwest Interfaith Movement

10/20/07 and 10/18/08  Class on sustainable living for the Cheltenham Township Adult School

4/26/08  Energy workshop at St. John the Divine for incoming wardens to the Episcopal Church in New York.

9/27/08  Energy workshop for Pittsburgh area congregations held at Thomas Presbyterian Church in Eighty Four, PA

4/28/11 Energy workshop for the Pratt Institute – Brooklyn, NY

2/25/12 Day-long, videotaped workshop at Limestone Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, DE

1/28/12 Energy workshop for the Southeast PA Conference of the United Church of Christ, Collegeville, PA

11/20/12 Energy workshop at Rodeph Shalom in Philadelphia

3/8/14 Energy workshop for the Southeast PA Conference of the United Church of Christ, Harrisburg, PA

5/7/14 Energy workshop at the Wayne (PA) United Methodist Church

10/3/15 Energy workshop for the Southeast PA Conference of the United Church of Christ, Elizabethtown, PA

11/19/15 Energy workshop for the Jesse Ball duPont Fund in Jacksonville, FL

3/9/16 Energy workshop for Delaware Interfaith Power and Light in Wilmington.

3/16 and 4/20/2016 Workshops on the change by medium-size commercial customers of PECO Energy to hourly pricing

University and college teaching:
6/91, 11/91, 5/92, 10/92, 5/93, 5/00, 4/03 Guest Lecturer for the class on Architectural Illumination and Electrical Systems, Drexel University School of Architectural Engineering

3/12-13/03    Taught two class sessions at Oberlin College Environment and Society and Fundamentals in Building Performance

Focus group facilitation:
5/91   Religious leaders in Southern Connecticut for United Illuminating Company

8/92   Congregations involved in Chicago’s Inspired Partnerships program

10/92  Congregations involved in a program sponsored by the Cleveland Restoration Society

2/96   Custodians from Philadelphia area nonprofit organizations

Professional Voluntary Service:
1980-2   Member of the Vermont Governor’s Commission on Energy Independence

1979-1982 Board member of the state-wide Residential Conservation Corporation in Vermont

1983-1991 Committee member for ASHRAE Standard 100.6 on Energy Conservation in Existing Buildings for Public Assembly

1987-1991 Committee member for ASHRAE Standard 100.2 on Energy Conservation in Existing High Rise Residential Buildings

1987-pres. Member of the House of Worship Lighting Committee of the Illuminating Engineering Society

3/90    Judge in the ninth Annual College Energy Debates, Harrisburg, PA, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Electric Association

1990-93    Member of Technical Committee 9.6 on Systems Energy Utilization in the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers

1990-97    Editorial Advisory Board of Your Church magazine

1990-97    Vice-chairman ASHRAE Standards Project Committee 100P “Energy Conservation in Existing Buildings”

10/91 & 10/92   Judge for the first and second annual Distinguished Appropriate Technology Awards for the National Center for Appropriate Technology and the Edison Electric Institute

10/91    Invited participant in the First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit, Washington, DC

1/93-99 Member of the Advisory Committee of the Nonprofits Energy Savings Investment Program, funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts

3/93-1/95 Member of the Board of Directors of the Energy Coordinating Agency of Philadelphia, which sets energy policy for utilities and housing authorities

1993-pres. Member of the YMCA of Philadelphia and Vicinity Corporate Facilities Committee

1997 Re-wrote draft chapter on energy management for the ASHRAE Applications Handbook

2000 – pres.  Our home-office has been participated in solar and sustainable building tours.

Community Service:
1985-2012  Member of the Property Committee of the Abington YMCA

2000-pres  Member of the Board of Directors of the Friends of Elkins Park Library; elected president for 2003-08.

See Elkins Park Library

2000-2005   First vice president of the Melrose Park Neighbors Association.

See History of the Melrose Park Neighbors Association

2004-2012   President of the Melrose Park Neighbors Association.


2000-2005   Member of Cheltenham Township Economic Development Task Force; member of its Economic Restructuring Committee

2001-2004   Member of the Technical Committee for the Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership, and member of its organizational structure committee in 2003-04

July-August 1970   “Purified Influenza Vaccine: Clinical and Serologic Responses to Varying Doses and Different Routes of Immunization”, in The Journal of Infectious Diseases, Volume 122, Nos 1 and 2, by C.A. Phillips, B.R. Forsyth, W.A. Christmas, D.W. Gump, E.B. Whorton, I Rogers, A. Rudin

December 1970   “Antibacterial Activity of Gentamicin Sulfate in Tissue Culture”, in Applied Microbiology, Pages 989-990

Nov. 1979 €“ Jan. 1980   A series of weekly articles about energy in The Spa City Spectator, Saratoga Springs, NY

11/79   “Local Church Energy Watch Guidebook”, a booklet produced for national distribution by the United Church of Christ

3/82    “Infrared Scanning”, an article on thermography for In Business magazine

7/82    “Energy in Your Grandmother’s House”, an article for the County Round in Rutland, Vermont

1/84    “Religious Building Energy Use”, co-authored with Lawrence Spielvogel, PE, for the ASHRAE Journal

1986-1995  Thirteen articles on reducing energy costs for religious congregations in Your Church magazine

1986-7     Four articles for Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration magazine on the effects of low temperatures on pipe organs, dummy thermostat strategies, the effectiveness of gas-fired infrared heating, and the ineffectiveness of ceiling fans houses of worship

1987   Three articles on reducing energy costs in YMCAs and a day care center in Nonprofit World magazine

5/87 & 2/89  Edited two reference manuals of more than 350 pages each containing examples of successful energy management programs for nonprofit agencies.  Each manual was distributed at national conferences in Kansas City and Seattle respectively.

6/87  Article on reducing air conditioning energy costs for The Neighborhood Works, published by the Center for Neighborhood Technology in Chicago

1/88   Wrote drafts and incorporated remarks from seventeen commentors on “Guidelines for Specifying and Performing Infrared Inspections” (later to become an ANSI Standard)

1/88   “Purchasing Inexpensive Fuel Oil” Common Bond newsletter from the New York Landmarks Conservancy

3/88    Second article with Mr. Spielvogel in the ASHRAE Journal on “Religious Building Energy Use”

10/88  “Energy Considerations for New Religious Buildings” in Construction Specifier magazine, co-authored with Lawrence Spielvogel

1/89   “Buyer Beware” article on conservation products that may not work, the NACBA Ledger from the National Association of Church Business Administrators

1/89   Two articles on the ineffectiveness of fluorescent reflectors printed as part of a reference notebook used in the Lighting Efficiency Solutions workshops sponsored by the Association of Energy Engineers.

4/89   The energy management section (one third) of the “Long-Term Maintenance of Religious Properties” workbook for the New York Landmarks Conservancy.

5/89   “The Diffusion of Information about Energy Cost Reduction to Religious Congregations” Solar Energy Research Institute, Golden, CO.

12/89       “Lighten Your Electric Bills” in Resources magazine.

1/90   “For the Sake of Economics and Environment, Consider Energy Stewardship” in Five Stones newsletter for small churches

1/90   “Energy Used by Single Family Clergy Homes” in Spice, a newsletter for spouses of clergy

2/90   “Kitchen Energy Use” in Nonprofit Energy News, a newsletter published by Energy Works, Ann Arbor, Michigan

2/90   “Choosing Clock Thermostats” in Accent on Energy, a newsletter published by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Energy Center

4/90   Chapter on energy management in the handbook for Episcopal Parishes in New York City

5/90   “Primer on Facility Maintenance” in the Environment and Art newsletter of the forum on arts and architecture for the Catholic parish, Archdiocese of Chicago.  This article was also reprinted in the May/June 1992 issue of the NACBA Ledger from the National Association of Church Business Administrators.

7/90  “A Nonprofit’s Motivation to Reduce Energy Costs” in Nonprofit World magazine

3/91  Chapter on controlling residential energy use in The Mother Earth Handbook, Continuum Publishing Company 1991, Judith S. Scherff, editor

5/91  “Energy, Environment, Economics and Morality” in New Theology Review, an American Catholic Journal of Ministry

10/16/91 “Why I Don’t Like DSM” in Electric Power Alert by Inside Washington Publishers

10/91   “Is There a Dark Side to DSM?” by the editors of Electrical World summarizing the paper presented at the Fifth Annual DSM Conference 7/91 in Boston

11/91  “Pleasant Debt” honorable mention in National Public Radio’s national essay writing contest about Thanksgiving

8/91  “Lessons from the Fifth Annual DSM Conference” in Strategies newsletter by the Association of Demand Side Management Professionals

1/92   “Dark Side of DSM” in Engineered Systems magazine

1/92   “Special Report: Demand Side Management” in Common Sense on Energy and Our Environment

1&2/92  “Criticism of Demand Side Management Programs” in Home Energy magazine

2/92   “Energy, Religion and Lifestyle” in Spiritual and Physical Alternatives, Bradford, PA

3&4/92  “Cutting Cooling Costs” in Your Church magazine

4/92  “Energy in Houses of Worship: Lessons learned from the Inspired Partnerships’ Stewardship Program.”  An information brief (Number 60, 1992) for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Washington,  DC

8/92  “Who wastes energy, who saves it, and who cares?” in New Directions newsletter by the American Baptist Extension Corporation

9/92  “DSM Misses the Boat on the Fundamental Idea of Energy Conservation” in Energy User News

12/93  “Checklist for the Energy Warden” in NACBA Ledger from the National Association of Church Business Administrators

1/94   “Golden Carrot Causes Indigestion” in Home Energy magazine’s January/February issue

4/94   “Our Energy, Economy and Religious Beliefs” in the Spring 1994 issue of All My Relations, a newsletter to Baptist congregations produced by the American Baptist Churches of the USA in Valley Forge, PA

7/94   “The Compact Fluorescent Boondoggle” in GARBAGE MAGAZINE’s summer issue

9/94   “Reducing Energy Costs in YMCAs: Opinions from the Boiler Room” in YMCA Property Management News — Fall 1994

1/95  “The Common Sense of Cost Reduction: Ten Simple Truths about Energy Management” in In Trust magazine for those who bear responsibility for institutions of theological education

4/95   “Deficient Efficiency” in the May/June issue of Public Power from the American Public Power Association

5/95   “A Visit to a Hellish Place — The Boiler Room” in the spring issue of Parish Resources from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Office of Temporal Affairs

10/95 Chapter on dealing with religious congregations in Energy Services that Work from the American Public Power Association, pages 321-28

3/96  “Hints for Helping Property Committees” in Facilities Network News from the East Field of the YMCA, Volume 5 Number 1

6/96  Section IV of the Protective Glazing Study analyzing the energy impact of second layers of glazing over stained glass windows for the National Preservation Center.  Computer simulation by Susan Reilly PE of Enermodal Engineering in Denver, CO

7/96  Quoted on Page 45 of the July issue of Electrical World magazine

1997-2001. Thirteen articles on church energy management called “From the Boiler Room” in Creation Care, and formerly Green Cross Magazine, from the Evangelicals for Social Action

11/97  Article with Lawrence Spielvogel in Heating, Piping and Air Conditioning magazine “Designing for the Future by Looking at the Past”

6/98   Article on “Preservation, Energy, Environment and Worship” in the summer 1998 issue of Historic Preservation Forum, co-authored with Neal Vogel

6/98  Chapter on “Lowering Utility Bills” in The Complete Guide to Saving Money and Buying Smart, edited by the Your Church magazine staff and published by Broadman and Hollman

12/98 Interviewed by Ken Lustbader “Fire and ICE: A talk with Andrew Rudin in Common Bond

5/99  “The smaller the motor, the bigger the lake” in Vermont Life magazine, Summer 1999 issue

9/99  “Six Steps Toward Lower Energy Use” in Environment and Art from the Archdiocese of Chicago

9/00  Stop Wasting Energy on Efficiency Programs€ in Energy and Environment, England

4/01   “A Church Built Lightly” in Environment and Art from the Archdiocese of Chicago

5/01   “A Checklist for Working with Contractors” in Environment and Art from the Archdiocese of Chicago

5/02   DSM: 10 Years Later€ in Engineered Systems, Pages 80-1

8/02   Test Equipment and Data-logger Use in the Field€ in Heating, Piping and Air Conditioning, Pages 46-9

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9/02  Saving Home Energy (Magazines): How to protect valuable possessions – like your collection of Home Energy Magazines  in your basement, an article on basement dehumidifers in Home Energy Magazine, Pages 24-7

12/02   Examine Water Meter Sizes€ in Parish Financial Times from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

2/18/03  Op-Ed piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Cooling the Energy Bill€

3/03  Blessed are They Who Turn Things Off in the March 2003 issue of Earth Letter, pages 10-11, from Earth Ministry in Seattle

4/1/03  Electrical Efficiency is an Environmental Mirage€ in Public Utilities Fortnightly

1/04  Say it Ain’t So!  Six Myths about Energy Debunked€ in PEQ Views, the newsletter from Partners for Environmental Quality in Trenton, NJ.  Volume III, Issue III, Page 11.

2/04   Heat is Getting Out of Control€ in Common Bond from the New York Landmarks Conservancy, Winter 2004

3/04  Use Less Energy in Church and Society, a national magazine from the Presbyterian Church of the USA, Louisville, KY

3/04 Organizing and Managing an Effective Church Maintenance Program€ in Religious Product News

6/04   Four articles on energy reprinted from ICE’s Comfort & Light into The Pipeline: YMCA Property News

11/04   The Energy Noose Tightens in Watt’s Up? from the National Energy Services Company in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

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1/05  New Year’s Resolutions for Energy in Sacred Places magazine, Volume 1, Number 4, pages 9 and 10 from Partners for Sacred Places based in Philadelphia

12/14/05  Some Sensible Ways to Save on Heating Bills, Op-Ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer

10/05     The Joes Pond Hydroelectric Plant in the Joes Pond Association Newsletter, Fall Issue, 2005

1/11/06  Measuring YMCA Energy Use€ in The Pipeline: Property News for and About YMCAs, Winter 2006, #13.

10/06     Our Family’s Joes Pond Record Book€ in the Joes Pond Association Newsletter, Fall Issue, 2006

12/06     Money-saving Cold Weather Strategies€ in the Parish Financial Times, Archdiocese of Philadelphia,  December 2006

1/09      Our Discontent with Winter€ in

Summer 2010   Advice from ICE in Sacred Places magazine from Partners for Sacred Places,  Page 21

1/11    Energy Costs – Not a Burden to Bear in Common Bond Volume 24 Number 1 Pages 3 – 14.

1/11   “When Energy Efficiency Does Not Save Energy” in Engineered Systems magazine Pages 38 to 42.

9/11   My Experiences with Solar Electric and Solar Hot Water Systems€ in Home Energy magazine, September/October 2011, pages 50-54

2012   My Prayer for Profane Space€ in the Episcopal New Yorker, Fall 2008 and also on line.

5/13   “Energy Efficiency’s False Hope” in Public Utilities Fortnightly”

01/27/2015   “Efficiency Vermont Not So Efficient” in “”

Jan. 27, 2015   “Efficiency Vermont Not So Efficient” is also available in PDF Format from this website

February 2016   “Advice Concerning the Installation of Solar Photovoltaic Systems on Churches in Eastern New York State” for the Property Support program of the Episcopal Diocese of New York.”

January 2017 Co-op Currents,  “monthly newsletter from the Washington Electric Co-op in East Montpelier, Vermont. Page 3, The Virtues of Turning Stuff Off.

February 2017 Cabot Chronicle (VT) Dude and Harry Thompson,€ an article about two historic Cabot characters.

March 2017 CIBSE Journal, the official monthly magazine of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers. Letter to the editor critical of James Sheehan’s article €œTidings of Comfort and Joy in the December 2016 issue, pointing out that an oversized boiler will increase heating use.

Papers Presented:
8/81 “Energy Efficiency Beyond Technology” at the International Conference on Energy and Education in Rhode Island

6/82 “Conservation Training Techniques” at the International Energy Information Workshop for Educators at the Knoxville, Tennessee World’s Fair

12/83 “Energy Management in Religious Institutions” at the Mid-Atlantic Energy Conference

6/87   Coordinated the production of a 400-page manual on operating energy management programs for the national conference sponsored by the Nonprofit Energy Conservation Project

4/88   “The Relationships between Historic Preservation and Energy Cost Reduction for Religious Congregations” presented at the Sacred Trusts Conference in Philadelphia and an historic preservation conference in Pittsburgh

9/88   “The Diffusion of Information about Energy Cost Reduction to Religious Congregations” presented at the national conference in California sponsored by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

5/89   “Trends in Electric Use by Religious Congregations” presented at a conference on Demand Side Management in Syracuse, NY.

7/91   “Negawatts will Never Be Too Cheap to Meter” presented at the Fifth Annual Demand Side Management Conference in Boston

10/91  “The Fallacies in Demand Side Management” presented at the Electricity Consumers Resource Council’s (ELCON) annual seminar on electricity issues in Washington, DC

7/13/92  “DSM – An Exorbitant Free Ride Into an Unsustainable Future” delivered to the Great Lakes Conference of Public Utility Commissioners at the Greenbriar Resort in West Virginia

10/93  “The Case for Dropping DSM” and “Alternatives to Negawatt Acquisition Programs” presented to a conference on the power quality implications of DSM hosted by the Calgary Electric System in Canada

8/00 Let’s Change Our Goal and Our Message from €˜Use Energy Efficiently to Use Less Energy – presented at the Summer Study on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Asilomar, CA, sponsored by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

5/30/03 How Improved Efficiency Increases Resource Use€ at the national conference of the American Ecological Engineering Association, University of Maryland, College Park

4/2/04  How Greater Efficiency Increases Resource Use€  Presented to the North Central Sociological Association in Cleveland, OH

7/91  Vermont Public Service Board, Montpelier, VT.  Representing myself as a ratepayer opposing the demand side management programs promoted by the Washington Electric Cooperative

8/92  Florida Public Utility Commission representing the Florida Industrial Intervenors in rebuttal to information presented by David Moskowitz of Maine

3&4/94  Philadelphia Gas Commission representing the Interfaith Coalition on Energy and asking for the removal of a volumetric minimum on an interruptible gas rate

9/95  Filed objections with the Vermont Public Service Board opposing a rate increase for the Washington Electric Coop in East Montpelier VT

4/2000 Testimony before the Philadelphia Gas Commission, representing the Interfaith Coalition on Energy

6/2001 Testimony concerning the proposed increases in meter charges by the Philadelphia Water Department

10/2005 Testimony concerning the proposed rate increases by the Philadelphia Water Department

University and college teaching:
6/91, 11/91, 5/92, 10/92, 5/93, 5/00, 4/03, 5/09 Guest Lecturer for the class on Architectural Illumination , Electrical Systems and the Environment, Drexel University School of Architectural Engineering

3/12-13/03 Taught two class sessions at Oberlin College – Environment and Society and Fundamentals in Building Performance

1979  Organized an coop advertising campaign among businesses selling solar panels, awnings, instantaneous water heaters and insulation to promote sales in Northern Vermont/Northeast New York viewing area from WCAX-TV in Burlington, VT through a toll-free telephone number

1980  Videotaped one outside and several in-studio segments promoting energy conservation for Vermont Public Television

5/17/01   Appeared on NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw in response to the release that day of President George W. Bush’s energy plan

6/21/02  Channel 6 Action News about our home/office solar systems and PV pricing

8/21/02  Channel CN8 about home/office solar systems and PV pricing

5/21/04  Interviewed on Tom Brokaw and the NBC Evening News in response to the White House energy plan

Certifications (* denotes certification by examination):
Certified Energy Manager * – The Association of Energy Engineers

Certified Energy Auditor * – The National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards

Certified Public Buildings Energy Auditor – New Hampshire, New York,  Vermont, and Pennsylvania

Certified Infrared Thermographer – The Infraspection Institute, Shelburne, Vermont

Honors and awards:
October 26, 2014 award by Pennsylvania Interfaith Power and Light for “significant actions to tend and sustain the earth and all its creatures” and for “helping to protect the natural environment from the threat of climate change and preserve it for generations to come.”

June 1, 2014   Sustainable Cheltenham Award from Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania for “outstanding contributions to sustainability in Cheltenham Township to promote a more resilient and environmentally-friendly community.”

1/12 Best digital infrared photo for Professional Equipment, Inc. contest

9/04 Outstanding Service Award from the Abington YMCA

10/02  Award for work with the Interfaith Coalition on Energy from the national office of the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC

10/02  PennFuture award for outstanding commitment to renewable energy

11/01  Award for Energy Professional Development from the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers

11/93  Recognized by ­Philadelphia Magazine­ as one of sixty-six cutting-edge Philadelphians changing the face of America

4/92   Recognized as a regional winner by the US Environmental Protection Agency for Pollution Prevention work involving Philadelphia’s Interfaith Coalition on Energy.

1991  Energy Conservation Award from the Governor of Pennsylvania for work with the Interfaith Coalition on Energy

1989  Environmental Achievement Award from the Friends of the United Nations Environment Programme

1988  Third place ASHRAE Region III energy conservation award for existing buildings

1982-92  Three Certificates of Appreciation from the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

1979-80   Winner of national award for energy education, United States Jaycees

1978   Commercial Remodeler of the Year, Qualified Remodeler magazine